Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Halloween Trick or Treats

I started fund raising early as times are difficult and many charities are experiencing great demands on their resources.
I came across this OH SO SIMPLE idea of sour cream containers  here
and just had to try it. When I saw these wonderful papers  I knew they would be perfect.

I made  8 baskets full. For the last three I ran out of black ribbon for bows and used left over black netting fabric. I thought the  fabric was more successful. Sorry I don't have photos of net bows. I sold the baskets from 15 to 25 euro  each depending on size and the individual trick or treats for 2 euro each or 3 for 5 euro.

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  1. Hi Anne - lovely to see you in blogland at last!! Hope you've been having a fun Christmas - see you at the next crop in January, I hope.

    Julie xx


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