Friday, December 31, 2010

It's my personal day

I love crafting but sometimes I get caught up in projects that I fail to make time to make "stuff" just for myself. I was inspired by a wonderful post on this site
to make plans and set aside some time. To recharge the aul batteries. Last year I did this each month until June.  I did make time for myself in the past six months but I didn't sit down and plan it.  I think the planning makes it that little bit  more special. It says "YOU'RE WORTH IT"
So for the new year I will make a new planner and set aside one day a month. I'll keep you posted !
This was last year's planner.

I made some extra and I sold them at a Summer Fete for charity for 4 euro each . Customers loved them.  So thanks again Michelle Wooderson!

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