Monday, January 17, 2011

January Mission - craft room organization

I like to jump straight into the new year and get rid of any clutter around the house. To be honest there is n't much clutter in the house but the craft room, well that's another matter. When I am busy preparing for the winter craft fairs I seem to go from one project to another and I end up with baskets of left over ends of ribbon, patterned paper, card stock, stickers, embellishments. To start the year afresh and renew my mojo I decided to start with my ribbon collection.

It was a great idea in the beginning and a great idea at the end but well right in the middle I thought I must be cracked in the head. But now I have a beautifully organized drawer of ribbon ( one more to go, I'll post photos in a week or so ........)

I just love my Alex set of drawers from Ikea. They are perfect. They open smoothly, move so easily on my wooden floor. They are just perfect for crafting.


  1. Anne - that is a drawer full of heaven!!! The bags didn't look as if they had so much in them, and there's another one to go too? WOW!!!

    Julie x

  2. Wow! Completely, totally wow! What did you use to roll the ribbon on? Does it work for new spools of ribbon?

  3. That is very nicely done. I organized my ribbon the same way and i'm finding it the best thing I could have done to see what I have at a glance. :D


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