Sunday, January 2, 2011

My little daily treasures

Two years ago on holiday in Boston at Christmas we decided to travel by car to Montreal to visit my hubands' aunt as a new year surprise. We planned to travel north one town at a time in case the weather was too difficult.
I had a brilliant time as I searched online each morning for craft or scrap booking shops along the way. My hubby was very grateful to me for giving up my holidays to spend time with his aunt ( I was happy too as she is really a lovely lady) but also as the navigator I held in my hand the scrap booking route to Montreal. I had a ball. We arrived with no bother even if the car was a little heavier with crafting goodies.  On the return journey we stopped in a little coffee shop for a little break.  I discovered Green Mountain Coffee. My life has n't been the same since.
 I LOVE COFFEE although I only have one cup a day normally at eleven am  it has to be NICE coffee.  I brought some home and have since become a regular shopper online.

My young son bought me some for Christmas and my husband bought me this brilliant cup at Starbucks, in Shanghai, China in November.  The perfect combination for a papercrafter ! 

I tried to unscrew the two layers thinking I could perhaps change the paper for different seasons but no it is glued tight. So I will pack up the cup on Tuesday and put  it away with all of the holiday decorations to treasure next year.

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