Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I love altering notebooks. Particularly the long skinny ones. I first came across them on  the Mish Mash Blog
about 18months ago. Since then I have made at least 200 for charity.  They look lovely together with a matching pen tied up with a nice ribbon and I find it very hard to resist adding a little sparkly gem !

I don't use stamps for the toppers. I type them up and adjust the font or size to choice, then print and punch.
They sell for approx 4 euro each.  Originally I bought the plain notebooks for 24 cent each  in Tesco but the price has been increased to 66 cent each. Making the base cost of a double notebook  1.32 euro. I was lucky to have been donated many by crafting pals for my last fundraising fair.  Thank you girls !


  1. You do lovely work...very, very nice!

  2. Oh boy you have made heaps of these. They look terrific. Another one for me to try, I've been looking for ideas for this type small gift.


Thank you so much for your kind comment.


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