Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am just back from today's Spring Fair in the RDS, Dublin. The attendance and support from the general public in raising funds for St. Vincent De Paul and Disadvantaged Youth in Ireland was amazing. It was set in a huge hall selling mostly odds and ends and clothes. My young niece and her pal were an enormous help to me and made the day a great success. They met pals from school and had a great day pottering around the stalls too.

We sold the following:

30 Tooth Fairy Tins  at 3 euro and then 2 euro each towards the end of the day
21 Cards at 2 euro each or 3 for 5 euro
44 Notebooks at 3 euro each or 4 for ten euro ( a lot of  sales at this price)
14 Peg (clothespins) sets at 3 euro each
Books we started at 4 euro but there were a lot on sale in the hall so we reduced to 2 euro and 1 euro at the very end of the day.
Magazines we started selling at 1 euro each or 3 for 2 euro but we had so many we had to reduce to 50 cent each.
Total raised was 376 euro which I was happy with. The books and magazines were donated free, the basic notebooks were also donated so my personal outlay was for tins, organza bags, pegs and cello bags. Card stock and  patterned paper  I had on hand.
Off now for a cup of tea. I am tired but happy. Good Day all round.


  1. Well done, Anne - you're a star!! Can't get over the SIZE of that stall and hope you didn't have much to lug back home with you at the end of the day.

    Enjoy your crafty day tomorrow - think of me slaving away at work!!!

    Julie x

  2. Wow - your display looks amazing!!!! Glad you did well!!


Thank you so much for your kind comment.


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