Friday, September 9, 2011

Acrylic Post-it Holders with calendar

While on my little trip to the US I just had to buy some acrylic frames to make some post-it holders. I have to thank my extremely patient brother and sister in law for driving my around in circles so that I could find these frames at the special offer prices. We tried two Walmarts and two Joann's. What we crazy crafty women do for a bargain. LOL.

So far I have a dozen of these beauties made for the Christmas craft fairs.

I made a little pdf file for the calendar which I am happy to share. Just hit the link and print. IMPORTANT print with landscape format and A4 paper. To cut it is really easy. Just trim on the right and left along the box lines. On the bottom again along the box line and for the top leave a margin of approx .6 cm or 1/4 inch. Then cut up the months remembering to leave the margin on top of boxes. Sort in month order and use the X marked over  January as guide for brads.

AOK 2012 Calendar

The size of the calendar excluding the backing card is 2 inch square.

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