Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pincushion jar

Made this little lovely this morning. I first came across the idea from Martha Stewart. I like the idea but the example shown was a little plain for me. I put it on my to do list and waited on some fabric to arrive. You can imagine my delight when  I found one of my favourite designers posted this
on her blog.  I was in heaven. I have made half a dozen of these this morning for the Christmas charity craft fairs. I  have to add the little buttons etc, make little tags, sort out packaging this afternoon and then I will photo and post. Love them and they cost little or nothing to make.
 I used 5" fabric squares, used upturned plate to mark out circle and cut out with pinking shears.

Then I layered fluffed out balls of cotton wool on top, placed fabric on top of this and carefully turned it over. I used a cool glue gun to adhere to jar cap. I glued one point, held in place for moment, then glued a point on the opposite side, then half way between and so on until 8 points were glued. I continued on to glue each section forming little pleats. It is pretty easy to do, just take care not to use too much glue at any one point.
Hope you enjoy !


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