Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fabric Wreaths

My goodness where on earth does the time go. I was away on  holidays for a few weeks and now I am up to my tonsils cutting, sticking and filling as I get ready for the Christmas fairs. I love it even though it is a  little bit of a rush. No stress though  it will all get done in the end. While away I spotted a lovely fabric wreath in a cute little shop in Mykonos. While chatting to the lovely owner of the shop I asked her if I could take a photo or two of some of the items on sale. I had made a little purchase so I was n't being too cheeky. She said photo away.

This is the one of the photos. The fabric is cut in strips,  tied in a knot and then glued to the frame.

The following is a photo of supplies I used to make my one in the top photos. It is really simple and takes about an hour to make. I used a different method to attach the fabric. I cut in squares of about 2.5 inch and then just poked them into wreath using the little embossing tool. Any fabric can be used, different textures would be good. I wanted to create a softer look so I filled it out using lots of plain cream squares.

Busily making a dozen at the moment !


  1. Anne, I just found your blog today. You do beautiful work. Thanks for sharing all your lovely projects. Into my favorites!

    Annette (Buggainok)

  2. What a beautiful wreath Anne! I'm sure you'll sell a lot of these at the Christmas fairs. Love the fabric you chose. Hope all is well with you.

  3. Anne that is beautiful much nicer than the original I'm sure they will sell really well.


  4. Absolutely gorgeous. Could you tell me what size wreath and also about how many squares you cut. We have lots of fabric at school and this would be a great present for the kids to make for their moms.


  5. Sharon, I used an 11.5 inch wreath. When completed it measures 14.5 inch. I have no idea how many squares I used. I just used small lengths of fabric, folded and folded into 5 inch widths. Then cut and folded again and so on. To speed up cutting I used good scissors and cut through many folds at once. You do not have to be too fussy about having perfect squares. I used cotton. While it frays perhaps it would fray less than synthetic fabrics. It depends on what finish you want. Also I used cheap lining fabric for the main colour cream.

  6. Oh I see now thought at first you used burlap I remeber years ago making these with straw wreaths they turned out pretty


Thank you so much for your kind comment.


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