Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shabby Chic Fabric Notice Boards


I spotted a fabric notice board in a shopping mall in Dubai costing approx 20 euro. Looking a little closer I could see it looked as if I could make something similar for the next craft fairs. I already had a nice stash of fabrics, batting,  ribbons. I knew there was a staple gun in the work shed. All I needed was a piece of light wood for the backing. Looking around the house I hit upon the idea of using an artists canvas board. They are pretty reasonable to buy and are light weight. This turned out to be a  really quick and easy project to make. With a little embellishment it makes an ideal stocking filler for the Christmas fairs.

 I started by cutting a piece of batting to the size of the canvas and attached it to the top of the canvas with a small piece of double sided adhesive tape in each corner.
I then placed it upside down on a piece of fabric(wrong side up) big enough for each side to fold over the edges and tuck under the wooden frame.

 I then started by stapling the fabric to the frame, pulling it tight.
 When I had attached the four sides. I tided up the corners by cutting a small amount off each corner so that I could tuck the fabric under neat and tidy.

 I then turned in over and laid out the ribbons in a suitable pattern. Make sure you cut the ribbons long enough to tuck under at the back.  You can use as many rows as you like.
 The ribbons were attached with long straight sewing pins to keep them in place while I turned the frame over again and stapled the ribbons to the back tucking the ribbon edges under the frame too.

That's it. All it needs is a button or buttons depending on your preference. I could have used brads but that would have increased my cost base for each of the notice boards plus I like the idea of clipping notes on with paper clips or the altered pegs.

The tags I made using a tag template I had and I embellished with scraps of  papers from the  Tilda range (Flower garden and Christmas House) and added glittered stickers from Making Memories FA LA LA. The pegs I painted with acrylic pink paint and covered with scraps again from the above Tilda line.

The floral fabric and the pink one with red polka dots are from the Rosalie range in Ikea. The other red and white fabrics are from a local fabric shop.


  1. These are gorgeous & I love the pegs too.
    I have most of the materials, but not the time. Will have to keep this tutorial for when I do :)

  2. Knew I recognised that fabric, Anne - Daisy has that duvet cover on her bed!!!

    Another beautiful project - your stall is going to be magnificent this Christmas!

    Julie xxx

  3. Well done Ann, i know how much you enjoyed making them because i have done about 20 of them in the past. Great sellers.

  4. OMG Anne you blow me away! You are so creative and I know these will sell out!


Thank you so much for your kind comment.


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