Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stamp-a-faire Mini Book Challenge

Back again with another post for Stamp-a-faire Mini book challenge.

It was really hard to pick just one for today. I wanted to do them all.  Finally  I picked  the one by Betsy Veldman using the Card Base-ics die.  I am always astonished by the beauty of Betsy's work.

On our little runs up and down the road to Brittas we bought these lovely strawberries and new potatoes fresh from the farm.  Hey the little run around was worth it just for them. We have just had a lovely BBQ dinner so I have plenty of strength now to keep going. Will I last it till the middle of the night to complete all the challenges.  Pop back and see !

Do you like the ribbon. I saw it in a market a couple of weeks ago in Italy. Just had to get it.

Last nights s'mores. I am going to make a couple more tonight if I get a chance to take a break. They were gorgeous.

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