Friday, November 23, 2012


Another great craft fair. A lot of items sold out and I raised 1220.00 euro over the two days for a very worthy charity. All the hard work and extra effort on the stand presentation paid off. I have been offered another craft fair in a couple of weeks so I'm busy replenishing the sold out items.
The following is an idea of what I sold and for how much.

4 Christmas wreaths at 15 euro each
13 Christmas Stockings at 8 euro each
4   gift tags at 2 euro each
1 Advent Calendar at 40 euro
17 ribbon ornaments at 4 euro each
12 sets of tile coasters at 6 euro each
9  Desk notepad and pen at 6 euro each
74 Chocolate Snowmen bars  (Absolutely brilliant sellers. Sold out each day in first hour.2 euro each or 3 for 5
11 Wall coat hangers 8 euro each (reduced some to 6 euro towards end of last day)
63 Magic Reindeer Food 1.50 euro each
19 Fabric covered notice boards 8 euro small and 12 euro large
14 Pincushions 8 euro each
24 Herb Pot markers 4 euro each (reduced to 2 euro at end of last day)
4 Fridge magnets 2 euro each
12 Notebook and pen at 4 euro each  (reduced to 3 euro at end of last day)
11 Gift sets of cards at 6 euro each
5 Clipboards at 6 euro each
7  Santa's Magic Keys at 4 euro each

Hope you enjoy the video. Happy Weekend.

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  1. Hi Anne,

    I've had a good browse ... your crafting is truly beautiful - you should post much more often! Absolutely wonderful presentation of everything ... it's all so very professional and pretty - those Brennans would be mightily impressed! I follow Melissa Philips too - now I recall Papertrey - my brain is slow!

    It was lovely to meet you today - hope to see you again.
    Nicola x


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