Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Fair Best Sellers

The following was my experience of my first fair of the season. Both Christmas craft fairs were very successful. The first one I attended was held on a Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 4 each day. It was extremely well organised, in a lovely centre with lots of facilities. It was open to the public with no admission charge. There were many varied crafts with no two being the same. There were plenty of volunteers available for unpacking and packing the car, a well run cafe and we had  lovely weather. I had a very small area in a small room but I made the most of it. My fellow crafters in the room were lovely and we had great fun chatting during the few quiet intervals. I had a prominent sign advertising I was fund raising for a well known charity and I am sure this helped with sales. However I was very proactive selling and for the most part I stood out around at the front of the stall explaining what I was selling and would go around to the back to bag sales and take payment. I was attending another fair in a couple of weeks so I was under no pressure to sell. I didn't reduce prices at any stage. As luck would have it I did sell out on a number of items and I think it slowed down sales in the afternoon  on the Sunday. The low prices items encouraged people to buy and while they were at it, they were inclined to throw in another item or two.

In total I raised 851 euro.

Christmas Table Teasers       25  at 6   euro
Magic Reindeer food          100  at 1   euro
Chocolate snowmen             50  at 2   euro 
Website and Blog books      11  at 5   euro
Desk calendar and notepad  12 at  6   euro
Earring holders                      18 at 6   euro
Christmas Wreaths                  3 at 15 euro
I also sold
Notebooks                            28 at 4  euro
Tooth Fairy Tins                    12 at 3  euro
Peg sets                                   7 at 3  euro
Gift cards                               16 at 2  euro
Bookmarks                              6 at 1  euro
Starlight mint tin                        7 at 2  euro

I hope this helps my blog visitors who are preparing for their own craft fairs. Though from my experience no two fairs are the same.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Craft Fair Items

Hope you all enjoy the above video I made today using the photos of the items I made for the past two craft fairs. I was really very fortunate. Nearly everything sold out and I raised an enormous amount of money for a very worthy cause.
I'll post tomorrow with a full list of details.

Friday, December 2, 2011


I decided this year I needed to add some height to my craft fair table display. I always look and see if I can adapt or alter something handy from around the house before I look in the shops. I get a great kick out of using something a little bit wacky but fun.  These two little stands are treasured by me for growing vegetables or sweet peas in the summer. I have had them for years and I get a great kick out of training little plants up them. They were a bit dishevelled and worn but loved all the same.  That was until I decided to give them a winter makeover.

I first removed the old and worn wicker, then washed and repainted, then added two fabric baskets. The photo below just shows one of the finished frames in a mock up preparation for the fair at home.
They were a great hit with the fair visitors. They loved them.  Displaying items at eye level was a great success. Every item I displayed on them sold out. What more could I ask for ? The above picture shows the three stages. Don't worry they will be out in the garden again come the Spring.


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