Monday, February 21, 2011

Brown paper bags and gift tags

For a long time now I have wanted make one of these gift bags. Tonight I just went for it. I love the result.
I found all the inspiration and instructions here.
I have made half a dozen and if I still have them in March I will bring some to the charity fair and "test" them and see how they sell.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I had seen this post
and planned on making one sometime. I forgot about it then until I came across a post on to make one as a
as a Christmas gift.  Looking for another simple yet useful idea for a craft fair I tried it out this weekend.
I am happy with the front cover.  I think I have everything but the kitchen sink stuck to it. LOL. For me it is fine but for the fairs I will keep things simple. Buyers at fairs don't always "get it " as far as embellishments go.

I have to share these with you too. I think they are so cute. Perhaps many of you have seen these before ? I had n't. The wooden spools measure 1/2 inch in height. I found these on this etsy site . Sorry they are all gone now. Did you spot them on my cover above ?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little something for ME !

A little late for a new years present to myself. But as they say    "better late than never".
Layout and style from
Papers I had in my stash and cork paper I bought from

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


More photos of Alex drawer from Ikea as requested.

To make dividers for the alex drawers from Ikea I used some white foam board. You can just about make out two pieces of foam board I used to prop up a long piece lenght ways.  I did this to block off the back of the drawer. I did not want ribbon to go in the back as I would not be able to see it clearly.

I cut out pieces 7 cm x 3.5 cm or 7 cm x 7 cm for large ones.

I bagged very small lengths of ribbon in colour order.

The remaining drawers.  One I used for projects I am working on (not shown).

 I dipped into my supply of 2 inch round clear lid aluminum tins for storing brads and small embellishments.

The button jars are also from Ikea.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I wish you all have a lovely day.


A few more notebooks in preparation for fair in March.
These are my favourite so far ! 

I love this little dish. I got it as a present with tiny rose bushes in it years ago. I use it at this time every year.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today I got a chance to take some photos of the work in progress with Tooth Fairy Tins.

The tins 2 inch aluminum round clear and organza 4inch x 6 inch were bought on Ebay. They came from the USA and UK with no bother.

I bought the digi download from Whimsie Doodles boy and girl. Again no bother easy enough to download and re size for my project.

I used index cards 5 inch x 8 inch . Printed, cut in half, trimmed with Martha Stewart punch (for girls) and pinking scissors (for boys - not shown in this photo)

I printed out the poem and Lost a tooth to fit the 2inch punch.

Again I printed out girl and boy fairy, coloured and then sprayed with crafter's companion spray and sparkle multicolour ( silver would do just fine too)
Began to assemble the tins.
Completed bags again. I have an assembly line going on these at the moment. Hope to sell lots at fair in March.


I so love Papertrey Ink supplies. I came across them a couple of years  ago and to be honest they are my very favourite papercraft supplier.  I love following all their designers. They are varied and always inspiring.
Look what we get today as a free download. I am thrilled with this. I will put it to so many uses for my craft fair ideas.

Go get it for yourself !


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Found this link , this morning on the Mish Mash site.



Today my local store Tesco donated these to my fund raising efforts. It is a tremendous help. A big Thank You to Tesco. Together with the supply I have been collecting in the past couple of weeks I now have 100 to cover !

I had some lovely Laura Ashley paper out on my desk so I had to just go ahead and make one.
I used Papertrey ink Melon Berry card stock and lux satin ribbon and other items from my stash.
As the notebooks measure 7.5cm width, 21 cm height and .5cm deep , I cut the card stock to 15.5 cm x 21 cm and scored it at 7.5 cm and 8cm . The patterned paper I cut to 7 cm  width and 20.5 cm height.
I cut a small strip of 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm for the top of the first page.

 I used a 2inch scallop punch and a 1 1/2 inch circle punch. I printed out the note topper and
put a coloured adhesive pearl over the letter O.

I cut a little strip of patterned paper to put inside the pen. This particular patterned paper is light and easy enough to roll.

Oh so cute !  99 more to go.  Ha Ha. Will I think they are cute when I eventually finish them all  ! LOL.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SPRING is here

I love Spring and I especially love spring cleaning. Sad I know but I love the fresh start when all the clutter is gone.  For the past ten days I have emptied out my entire craft room, chucked stuff, packed stuff to give away, repainted from ceiling to floor, painted shelves, and reorganized my craft drawers. I love my new look room. It is so lovely and organized I just want to sit in it, smell the paint and not mess up the desks. LOL.

Happily there is a big BUT !  I have just committed to participating in a charity fair in March and since I sold every stitch at Christmas I have to start afresh and FAST.  I wanted an item that was nice and spring like and yet would sell very easily, so I decided on making TOOTH FAIRY TINS. I ordered the tins (2 inch aluminum tins with clear lids ) and organza bags ( 4 inch x 6 inch white ) from Ebay and they have arrived so no time to loose.

The tooth fairy digi image I bought  from . I got both the boy and girl images. I think they are cute and modern and will appeal to kids.
I'll post finished items soon.


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