Monday, August 25, 2014


Stamp a faire 2014 with Papertrey Ink was simply amazing. 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart :heart: for a wonderful weekend. I have never enjoyed crafting so much. I have been enthralled with each and every era. Each one I took my time to complete and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The videos, music and wonderful inspiration posts were superb.
I have just finished my projects, tidied up and taken final photos. I am a little sad now that it has come to an end. Stamp a faire is a special time of year. Maybe it should be a World Holiday ! Now that I am finished I will go and look at all the wonderful work created by my crafting buddies around the world and catch up on all the wonderful chat on the forum.

Papertrey Ink you are the BEST ! :heart: :heart:


This challenge was to find an old card and remake it using the techniques learnt since then. I know when I started to make cards I had no idea where to go to learn. Peel off's , oh how I thought they were just great. I had a big folder and every card had a peel off and a rhinestone. Any old cards I got rid of. The only person who might have kept one is my Mum !  However I did find the card on the left. I actually found a bundle of twelve of them. I remember I planned to make note cards with them but somehow they got stuck at the back of a drawer. I made my card on my right today using the stamps and dies from the SAF 2014 kit. I made my own patterned paper and gold embossed my initial setting it behind the frames from the Renaissance set. I am really chuffed with this. I would be proud to use it.

SAF 2014 : 1980's Era with Lexi Daly - Passing notes

Great little gift card. Will come in very handy. Very straightforward videos from Lexi Daly. Quick and easy card to put together.

SAF 2014 : 1980's Era with Lexi Daly - Retro Rainbows

This photo was taken last week. Can you see the two rainbows. I was reminded to post it when I made the following card. It was a great challenge to make this card. The video was brilliant. I stopped, started and rewound a fair few times to get the hang of it. 

SAF 2014 : 1960's Era with Erin Lincoln - Rad Ad Looks

I think this card has to be one of my favourites of the weekend. After all I am a sixties gal. It was so easy to do and yet it looks to complicated. Love it.

SAF 2014: 1960's Era with Erin Lincoln - Stencil Layers

My stamping is a little askew here. It was my second last card of the 21 I made this weekend. So I think I can be forgiven.  In spite of the messy stamping I still like how it turned out.

My workspace was not too bad this weekend. I generally tidied up after each card so the final tidy up was easy enough.  The beautiful roses in the centre were a gift from my darling hubby for my special weekend.

I was searching everywhere for one of the inks needed for this card. I was getting very tired. It took me ten minutes to find what was right under my nose.

SAF 2014: 1940's Era with Betsy Veldman - Card Corsage

I forgot to bring my florist wires so instead had to make do with garden wire. A lot thicker than Betsy's.
I'm afraid my little posie turned into a vase. I still think it looks cute. Is n't the card background just lovely. That stamp set, I just love it.


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