Thursday, July 19, 2012

All packed and ready for Stamp-a-faire 2012 with Papertrey Ink

 Summer time is good for me. Lots of free time to chill out and craft just for the fun of it.  The craft fair items are given a back seat as I try to learn new skills and techniques. Last Christmas I got a beautiful sewing machine and I have had a great time tackling many projects. This doll which I finished  this week is one of them. Is n't she lovely. She is called Tilda Flowergarden. She comes as a kit and is designed by the very talented   Tone Finnanger   Such beautiful  fabric designs ! Do you like her necklace ?  Hush don't tell anyone. I had no patience I had  to have a little go of the new die. More about that on Saturday !

In the top photo the doll is sitting on my packed bag ready for  Stamp-a-faire . Last year I travelled to Cincinnati to attend the event. It was a very special time in my life and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I had  a brilliant time. This year it is a special online event available for everyone. Pop over to Nichole Heady's blog to join in the amazing events. I cant wait. I am so looking forward to it.  As my sons are away on scout camp in Scotland, my hubby and I are heading to Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow to our holiday home and keeping our fingers crossed that I get a good internet connection. If not I'm coming straight back home !

Life in Brittas Bay is very easy and laid back. A perfect place to be.


Wishing all my Papertrey Ink buddies a  Happy Stamp-a-faire weekend.  Happy crafting. 


  1. Have fun, Anne - I thought for a moment that you were heading back to Cincinatti in real life!!! Hope the broadband works!

    The doll is gorgeous.

    Julie x

  2. Brittas Bay looks beautiful! Good luck with the internet!

  3. Your doll is GORGEOUS and she is the perfect accessory for your SAF tote! I hope we get to see you around the boards tomorrow, Anne! I'll never forget having the opportunity to meet you in person last year! xxx

  4. I love Tilda - and her necklace! I have to ask, who is singing the Christmas song you are playing in the background of your Craft Fair video? It's quite a lovely song which I've not heard before... Have fun tomorrow!

  5. Tilda looks very sweet and I love her Necklace! I have to ask, who is singing the Christmas song in your Christmas Craft fair video? She has a lovely voice and I've not heard that song before. Have fun tomorrow.

  6. Love your photos especially the doll with the PTI Tote. Have a great time and happy crafting!

  7. Brittas Bay looks GORGEOUS!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day, and goodness me, I hope you have a good internet connection!! We'd MISS you if we didn't get to see you tomorrow, dear girl! xoxo

  8. Have a wonderful time crafting your heart out! Hope that your connection works brilliantly and see you on the boards tomorrow! :)

  9. Wow, Brittas Bay is gorgeous. That's definitely the kind of vacation I enjoy - calm and beautiful. I love the doll you made - she's fabulous and looks like she's ready to travel with her Stamp-A-Fair bag:) Have a wonderful time.

  10. Hey Anne, It must have been hot down there today! Many a summer I spent down in beautiful Brittas Bay (I'm from Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow), eating sand filled sandwiches. I remember the picnics my Mum used to make up. They were tasty! **sigh** I LOVE Brittas bay. We seem to have the heat if only the sun would come out, it would be the icing on the cake! Maybe next year we should get some of the girls together and have our own Stamp-a-Faire get together. Your doll is very pretty. You are very nifty on a sewing machine. Enjoy your day, I hope your phone co-operates!

    Ali B
    Dublin 16


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